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# ******************************************************************************
# Copyright 2017-2018 Intel Corporation
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ******************************************************************************

import traceback

import requests
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch

from import WikipediaPage
from import \
from import \

[docs]class WikiElastic(object): def __init__(self, host: str, port: int, index: str): # connect to our cluster self.cache = dict() if self.is_connected(host, port): self.es_index = index = Elasticsearch([{'host': host, 'port': port}]) else: traceback.print_exc() raise IOError('Cannot connect to ElasticSearch node')
[docs] @staticmethod def is_connected(elastic_host, elastic_port): elastic_search_url = 'http://' + elastic_host + ':' + str(elastic_port) res = requests.get(elastic_search_url) if res.content: return True return False
[docs] def get_pages(self, phrase): if phrase in self.cache: return self.cache[phrase] try: phrase_strip = ' '.join(phrase.replace('-', ' ').split()) pages = set() best_results = self.get_best_elastic_results(phrase_strip) for result in best_results: _id = result['_id'] if _id != 0: result_source = result['_source'] if 'redirectTitle' in result_source: redirect_title = result_source['redirectTitle'] red_result = None while redirect_title and result_source['title'] != redirect_title: red_result = self.get_redirect_result(redirect_title) if red_result is None or len(red_result) == 0: print('could not find redirect title=' + redirect_title + ', does not exist in data') redirect_title = None elif 'redirectTitle' in red_result[0]['_source']: redirect_title = red_result[0]['_source']['redirectTitle'] else: redirect_title = None if red_result is not None and len(red_result) > 0: result = red_result[0] _id = result['_id'] elastic_page_result = self.get_page_from_result_v1(phrase_strip, result, _id) pages.add(WikipediaSearchPageResult(phrase, elastic_page_result)) self.cache[phrase] = pages return pages except Exception: traceback.print_exc()
[docs] def get_best_elastic_results(self, phrase): best_results = [] best_results.extend(self.get_redirect_result(phrase)) search_result_near_match =, body={"size": 5, 'query': {'match_phrase': { 'title.near_match': phrase}}}) best_results.extend(self.extract_from_elastic_results(search_result_near_match)) return best_results
[docs] @staticmethod def extract_from_elastic_results(search_result): best_results = [] if search_result is not None and search_result['hits']['total'] > 0: if search_result['hits']['total'] > 0: best_results = search_result['hits']['hits'] return best_results
[docs] def get_redirect_result(self, phrase): search_result =, body={"size": 5, 'query': {'match_phrase': {'title.keyword': phrase}}}) results = self.extract_from_elastic_results(search_result) return results
[docs] def get_page_from_result_v1(self, phrase, result, result_id): if result_id != 0 and result is not None: relations = None result_source = result['_source'] result_score = result['_score'] if result_source is not None: title = result_source['title'] relations_source = result_source['relations'] if relations_source is not None: is_part = relations_source['isPartName'] is_disambig = relations_source['isDisambiguation'] disambig_links = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('disambiguationLinks', relations_source) disambig_links_norm = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict( 'disambiguationLinksNorm', relations_source) categories = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('categories', relations_source) categories_norm = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('categoriesNorm', relations_source) title_parent = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('titleParenthesis', relations_source) title_parent_norm = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('titleParenthesisNorm', relations_source) be_comp = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('beCompRelations', relations_source) be_comp_norm = self.safe_extract_field_from_dict('beCompRelationsNorm', relations_source) relations = WikipediaPageExtractedRelations( is_part, is_disambig, title_parent, disambig_links, categories, None, be_comp, disambig_links_norm, categories_norm, None, title_parent_norm, be_comp_norm ) return WikipediaPage(phrase, None, title, None, result_score, result_id, None, relations) return WikipediaPage()
[docs] @staticmethod def safe_extract_field_from_dict(field_name, _dict): if field_name in _dict: return _dict[field_name] return None